Who & what we do?

We are agency that is a IT tech that remotes, and host your Data needs, we have a data centre that can backup your work and your files for monthly small fee


Need VDS?

We have VDS ready services, looking to use pvt cloud networking only and not static ip? we have windows 7 pro, centos 7, windows 2016 servers, windows 2012, ready

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We don't like to charge or over charge anyone.

IT Features

Remote services as well VIP plans
Forums, Tickets, On Call Support
Custom work, Installing OS, PHP, cPanel, Plesk

VDS Servers

Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Mail Servers
CP, Access, Network mode, Firewall mode
Pvt Lan, VLan, Non-Static IPs

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You can do it all with our team

  • OS Installs

    Anyone as issues on installing OS, Windows servers, Linux, or Custom Scripts, we are here to help you

  • Mobile users

    Order when your on the go, ticket us on what you need done and our team will have it done no later then 48/hour

  • Workflow

    We have data backups in case if our clients needs there work backup for a monthly fee, cheaper then google and outlook drive!.

  • Hosted Software

    We use VDS CP to manage our cloud base local servers, we do not use anything else but that type of software, use a trial today!

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Design that looks less & more you.

No more using all kinds of web browsers just to use our site :)

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We are always here for you no matter what, from free services to paid, we will never say no!



We have servers that is now active and working in good order when they buy them at any time!



Tickets are never ending here, from support to remote services, as well just to see how we are :)


Network IPs

Many ip's we have it is never to late to order IPV4, and IPV6 today, soon we have pvt local clound!



All pages are designed to support all modern browsers and all devices. As well we are Mobile friendly



Trial our services and test out our site UI, soon to come cell phone plans and as well more nice goods :)

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Enterprises Use our IT


Users & Network

Remote Networking
Remote Servers
to the next level.

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