IT Support

Need IT Support for your needs? we have a support tech that willing to help you around the clock - We have the best techs, as well best team to offer there best to help you any day- or night.

Remote Desktop

We have a Remote Desktop services for anyon that needs it, as well needs to have there servers, or home pc fix, without having to wait longer from other techs.

Hosting / VPS

Looking for Web Hosting, VPS, Dedis, please check out our partnership page for our best hosting compnays, with a best cheap plans!


Check out our plans 

We have a best plans, as well custom plans for anyone that can or cant pay for there bill

Remote Tech Support, is always around when you need us

Please note that we have a 24/hr waiting time to get on the list.

Please Join our Team if you have skills and services.

Thanks from US Net Corp!

Lighting Servers are looking for team for promoing our services, Thakimhost is looking for sales, as well social media support


Speed & Security

US Net Corp is designed around data security from the ground up, so not only are your transactions encrypted, but your content and login transmissions are too.


And if you need reliable and fast hosting, we have developed our own server-level caching technology that optimizes.

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